Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Seri Pristana students' 'wet' canteen

Who can we depend on when it comes to educating our children of what is right from wrong when teachers themselves are setting a bad examples?

When parents send their children off to school in the morning to look for their bread and butter, and would only lay eyes on them again in the evening with less time spend before the children hits the bed for the next day of school.

In the latest report that took place surrounding the youth of our future generation and those that were suppose to be their role model, a primary school was caught in the lime light for having their students eating in a changing/shower room that has cause an outcry from the parents.

SK Seri Pristana students of seven to twelve who are not fasting during this Ramadan month was ask to eat in the changing/shower room that is located next to the student's toilet, reason being that the school's canteen was under 'renovation' since July 17, for the purpose of expending the area to accommodate the amount of students studying there.

Seri Pristana, boys and girls in the same changing room
for lunch during recess.
During recess, students would buy their food over at the canteen, where there was a supposed 'renovation', and ate in the room to avoid disturbing the Muslims students who were fasting. There are two rooms prepared for the students, separating the boys from the girls. But according to the pictures posted by concerned parent, there were boys and girls in the same room.

Most of the students would even have to skip having lunch because of the stench from the toilet next door.

Aren't there any teachers supervising these children?

In a blog posted yesterday by a representative of the schools stated a few 'facts' that they think the public should know. This can be view here: Canteen In Changing Room , FACTS That You Should Know.

Parents, family member, even the bus drivers yesterday was curious of the media crowds that was gathering in front of the school, waiting to get a piece out from the Headmaster, or any of the school personals.

Serious enough the matter to certain students who had previously vomited due to the stench next door, many parents were unaware of the situation inside the school premise until they were approach by the reporters. Base on every school regulation, parents are required to obtain permission of entering the school grounds. This is the safeguard the children's safety.

However, the Parents Teachers Association have the responsibility to keep parents aware of the situation their children are facing in the school premise. This is without question that they have not only fail, but have abuse the trust of many parents.

Here are some questions that needs answering from the school's Headmaster, Ministry of Education and the Home Minister:

1. Upon knowing that there was problem of accommodating more than 350 students since January 2013, why was there no initiative to extend the area of the canteen?

2. If the HM knows about the problem, why is there still no initiative to either extend the area of the canteen or to set up tents? Funds? Isn't that the priority of both the HM and the EM? If not, then why be a minister in the first place if your priority is not for the youth that will that lead in the future of Malaysia?

3. If you were to say that the so called 'renovation' started at the beginning of Ramadan, how can you say that ALL the students including the MALAYS are using the room as a canteen? So you cant say that you are protecting the spirit of those fasting, right?

Are you just playing cover-up here just because every one is pointing out the school being a racist place to receive education? Or is it just the point of revenge for the Alvivi religious remarks?

Children will always be children, they will always run, play, and push each other around. You cant just ask them to stop and grow up, then they would be children anymore, might as well as them to start working and bread to put on the dining table.

What I don't understand is that the teachers know children are playful. So no matter if its during the 'renovation' or after, you might still be able to find broken glasses and one or two kids injured. So where is the teacher's brains to even consider putting glass doors in the first place? This is a primary school we are talking about, where the students are just 7-12 years old, not even teenagers!

And there was nothing much of a renovation! If you want to consider that by replacing a few doors as a major renovation, fine! But if the school have money to replace the doors, why didn't they first consider extending the canteen which is the major problem that it could not accommodate that many students?

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