Saturday, 29 October 2011

Malaysian Education in 2012

In the past, the education in Malaysia had made the golden age people today more success comparing to the future depending on what education the new generations are receiving. 

It is quite a pity actually, to see that this is happening in Malaysia. From first having the education in Malaysia to be from English majored to Malay language majored. Maybe the government is thinking of empowering the usage of Malay language into the lives of people. Yes this is Malaysia and the Malay language is the mother tongue in Malaysia. China uses their mother tongue even in a foreign country to do business, English on the other hand has been made the primary international language in exchanging business and communication. But what about the Malay language in Malaysia? What is the benefiting of empowering Malay language when you cant even use them in a foreign country? You would still have to go back to using English don't you?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Acid Splasher(s) : How Government Handle?

Since the first reported news on the Acid Splasher case up till today, there were about 33 cases of acid splasher. Some rumored that most of the cases was done by the same man, others said that there might even be more than one man spreading the terror. But a case came up that the news reporter named it as "The price of Jealousy".

After five months of living in fear

Religions Should Not Be The Reason of War

Firstly before I say anything that might bring misunderstanding, and any rudeness, do please pardon me. I do not mean to bring harm or any accusations or jokes. But this is a series matter base on world observation between the three main religion in Malaysia, Islam, Hinduism, and also Buddhism.

Through my further observation of human reaction, the most primitive human instinct is "to protect". In this case, going into the matter of religion

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Future of Malaysia... Crushed!!!

Sometimes I wonder in darkness of the truth behind the success of Malaysia, an independent country that continues to penetrate foreign minds, views towards Malaysia. Is it because of the good economic that whilst others were having economic crisis, Malaysia tries to stable itself? May be its the politics and governments that keeps robbing the pockets of Malaysian... Or maybe its the Malaysian Law? Maybe its the goodness of people that has two sided face?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Rape Happens Everywhere

Rape, it happens in everywhere that you go. Every conner of where you are right now, in every dark streets that may be near your house. It happens all the time. Time when we are at work, time when we are at home, times when we even sleeps. But sometimes, it happens where anyone can see, can hear, but would not help. Especially girls, cause they are too frighten that if they fail to attract any help, they might just be the next victims. But what can one do, when rape happens at home, between a husband and a wife?
The two couples were suppose to go to the wife's parent's house, yet she wants to go for her company's dinner, leaving the husband to go by himself to the in-law's place...

Husband rapes wife after argument...