Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dying Malays

I used to have so much respect for the Malays. Their religion are highly tight, strick and consistent. But now, I just have no good words that I can put in.

The thing about most Malays in Malaysia, is that they think they rule the world, walking down the streets all high and mighty. I don't say that all of the Malays population are like that. I am only speaking about three quarters over four of the whole entire Malaysia, this being not included those oversea. 

Hudud in Malaysia?

After 54 years of having their independences, they want Malaysia for the Malays. 

Malaysia's history are mix by the many races and religion, as well as many believes and private practices. But now, the higher autority wants to take actions against those that goes over the constitution of Malaysia. Implementing Hudud law is a big no no. Not everyone will like this idea.

But what is the main reason of doing so anyway? Is it to take Malaysia for the Malays, shoos all the Chinese and Indians to where their ancestors came from? What about the mix? Where will they go?