Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hudud in Malaysia?

After 54 years of having their independences, they want Malaysia for the Malays. 

Malaysia's history are mix by the many races and religion, as well as many believes and private practices. But now, the higher autority wants to take actions against those that goes over the constitution of Malaysia. Implementing Hudud law is a big no no. Not everyone will like this idea.

But what is the main reason of doing so anyway? Is it to take Malaysia for the Malays, shoos all the Chinese and Indians to where their ancestors came from? What about the mix? Where will they go?

Though Malaysia's economics are rising higher and higher, prices of even a small thing is unaffordable by some. But having a Hudud law? Even the foreigners would run away. I imagine Malaysia would be one of the war zone later on. There would not be any other country having war against Malaysia. It is the people of Malaysia that would have war with each other. Even without Hudud, Malaysia are separated by the different thoughts and different believes. You could see them going out base on their race. They would only stick to their own race. Rarely would you find all races being together with unique harmony. 

Malaysia would be the next laughing stocks. 

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