Friday, 26 August 2011

Anwar's Recent Trial Case of Sodomy

I do not like the point of politics and governments, even though they have to authority to rule the country like as if they were the ones who make the country.

The case about Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy charge is really weird. His latest charge was for sodomizing a 25 year old Mohammad Saiful whom at that time was working for him. What is weird is that the use of the term 'Sodomy'. It seems that the person who make the accusation against Anwar Ibrahim either does not know what sodomy is or that he does not know that it apply only to a certain range of age. But being at 25 year old man, I believe that the accusation should fall under sexual harassment and not as sodomy.

Maybe the age range in Malaysia is different from other countries, but the definition of the word used in the accusation all has the same definite universal meaning. Authorities should consider the words of which they use, cause words are not small things in the matter when it comes to accusations.

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