Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Undeceive apple

There used to be a girl of aged 21. Some people say that she might be older base on who she looks and dresses each day. Yet some might say that she is a child base on how she would behave. This girl used to have a boyfriend that cares for her. All he would ever do was to make sure that she was alright and happy. With such a heart, even her parents would grow upon him. But then the power of doubt brakes them apart. She thought that he had deceive her and play her for a fool. As for him, who pretends to not know that she was always at the house of another man. And now, they are far apart, but only staying next door from each other.

Just as her lover left, she came to rely upon a new man that she made acquaintance with. Though only thought that this relationship would only remain as far as friendship would ever go.

She then meets another man that was an acquaintance of her lover. This acquaintance told her about her pass lover's lies and mischievous. She falls for the words of a secondary man about the man that she knew better. Thus becoming this new man's subject. He cares for her too but her parents grew upon the first more than the second. But as times bid them, the friendship man becomes more closer to her that it could no longer consider as friendship. Thus, the war begins between love, reality and decision.

Being at the middle of two ropes, the apple does not know which to choose. For if it choose the left, it might never reach. For if it choose the right, it may never be fresh. For there is no other decision for it to chose if it desire to be eaten first, it would have to give up on both and walk the middle line of wars.

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