Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Give A Badge To The Public!

If politics is of no help, ordinary 
Malaysians have often shown that
they can come forward to held each other.
Read:Community becomes close-knit to fight crime in the residential area

    Everything was made known to have their own function of existing in the system. Teachers to educate the younger generations, doctors to help cure sickness and deal with wounds, firefighters with their hosts and water flashing at the end of the host, extinguishing fires and saving trapped residence, governments to govern the people and lead the country into success and police officers keeping the country and people safe from harm and keeping justice at bay.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Taiwan towards cleaner toilets for men

It was reported that Taiwanese men were ask by the environmental minister to "sit down" when urinating in order to keep the toilet clean. Is it me or does this article implying that Taiwanese men are either drunk at all times, or that they just do not "point and release"?
Read, Taiwan minister calls on men to sit down to pee.