Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Taiwan towards cleaner toilets for men

It was reported that Taiwanese men were ask by the environmental minister to "sit down" when urinating in order to keep the toilet clean. Is it me or does this article implying that Taiwanese men are either drunk at all times, or that they just do not "point and release"?
Read, Taiwan minister calls on men to sit down to pee.

It seems that Environmental Protection Administration, Stephen Shen had stated that he himself had adopted the habit of sitting when urinating. I for one wonders what are the public toilets are like in Taiwan. Are there no urinating bowls for men to use, that each of them have to wait in line for a private cubicle? And why the fuse of reaction from the public?

I guess the point sets in that every man is for themselves. To feel a man, to act like a man and to be a man. For some would not mind taking up the habit of sitting while urinating. But others, they feel that their upper hand of being a man would be lost forever and not just each time they enters a public toilet. They would feel that they have lost their sense of dignity and their self esteem as a man. If a man can even have the rights to urinate as to how the anatomy of men are made of, would they still be called as a man? 

Just like the invention of plastic-paper funnel that was created for the used of women to urinate in public but rolling the circular shape paper into a funnel shape, and all they got to do was to unzip their pants. This was to give women the advantage of not needing a private cubicle or a toilet, which seems to have lost their reasoning of being a woman and now had the standards of being a man?

Talk about being cross-genders for that 7 seconds of urinating...

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