Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Uniqueness of Malaysian News Reporting

There is definitely something wrong big time in the world of media in Malaysia. What is it that we put in the line of media to the world of citizenship? Where is the important of news for the people? What have ever happen to that strong bond between reporters and their cameraman?

Here is the once major thing I notice happening in media houses in Malaysia. They do not establish a strong bond between reporters and cameraman. Furthermore, the structure of working in Malaysia is totally opposite of those found in the Western civilization. In the Western part of the world, we could see that huge amount of relying on each other for a better outcome of performance to the public. Their reporters are always with their cameraman, never to learn them behind and always with them in every assignment even though if their interviews are done. Reporters never abundant their cameraman nor leave them one man standing. Besides, there in the West, it is the article that adapts to the pictures taken. But here in Malaysia, it is the other way around. Reporters ordered their cameraman to take a certain pictures. They demand for the pictures to appear in a certain way. Malaysian reporters not only leave their cameraman behind as a once man standing, but sometimes let their cameraman to go for assignments without the reporter there. Where is the commitment of working together? For a company that provides information on what is going on in the society, where have the communication gone? 

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