Monday, 9 January 2012

The Generations of Malaysian's Downfall

There was a time, when people would fight amongst each other because of the difference in believe, thinking and motifs.
The people who writes on tourism in Malaysia always have that statement that Malaysia is a peaceful place, that people always tolerate each other no matter of the differences between them, whether if its differences on race, culture or religion, there is always an amount of tolerance. But things that comes in black and white can often be just black and white. It is not what we see happening in front of us. If ask to foreigners of their thought on Malaysia, it would only be that: "Malaysia is a nice place to live in", "Malaysia is harmonious", "Malaysians are.." this and there. It is always the good stuff. From scholars even said that "What was before, now is different." How different was it of this time in this era compare to the ones before when things sure as "Internal Party Arguments" is still happening? Someone once told me, that to have another country as your enemy is better than to have enemy within your country itself.

Says who that Malaysians are tolerable?

Yesterday, 9 January 2012, Dato Dr. Hasan Ali, an executive council of PAS had reported in his own words of how even a multiracial country could not even tolerate people of its own kind. The following news can be read here: Sacking of Hasan Ali shows Pas cannot accept criticism.

There is one idiom that I had pickup, unfortunately its in Malay language and it goes as
"Pemuda harapan bangsa, pemudi tiang negara", which means that the fate of the country lies in the hands of the younger generation of the country. If the younger generation were to follow the steps of the fathers before them, what would happen to the prosperity of the country? Will it be another inside war as before?

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