Sunday, 1 January 2012

Towards the New Malaysia for 2012

Happy New Year of 2012. As 2011 comes to an end, so does all things must change for the new start towards a new beginning.
This has been said over and over in speeches of the higher end of the government to the people of their country. This has been said all over again and again in each and every year as one ends and another begin.

Today, as people wishing their loved ones and friends a happy new year, the government of Malaysia was busying themselves with a slight new change in the law of driving on the roads. Many people came to Malaysia and they would say that Malaysia is a good country because of the harmony between each and every race and culture. Although it is a Muslim country, but it is not a hard core Muslim country, because of the many races, culture and religion that makes up Malaysia. But to what I have seen on the changes in Malaysia, will it still be as harmonious as it us to be when Mahathir Mohammad was in the chair of the prime minister?

Malaysia is now at the road to becoming alike with the Arab country. To have all Muslims to abide to their religious law strickly together with their ways of punishment known as Hudud. Mahathir said before, and even wrote in one of his book, that Malays from Malaysian are shy to speak up. The thing is, it is not about them being shy to speak up, but rather of what might happen to them and their family if they were ever to say something concerning to the government or the ways in Malaysia. Where is the harmony again? This harmony was actually created on the mask of each and every face of Malaysian. Ask them what they think about Malaysia, and they would simply say "I cannot give any comment" and would automatically ran away. People visiting Malaysia would say that Malaysia is the best place to live because there are hardly any natural disaster but I would say that Malaysia is build base on lies. Lies coming down way before this country even got the name Malaysia. Like what they say, control the history, controls the people.

Besides going to the direction of the Arab world, Malaysia is also going to the ways of the west. Applying the rules of having to but on the safety belt for passengers on the back or fine with a total of RM 300. Is it really for the safety of Malaysians or just the benefit of getting more money since Malaysians are quite use to not following the law and regulations?

This is the news of the new upcoming changes posted by one of the news agency.
What you can expect in 2012

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