Saturday, 29 October 2011

Malaysian Education in 2012

In the past, the education in Malaysia had made the golden age people today more success comparing to the future depending on what education the new generations are receiving. 

It is quite a pity actually, to see that this is happening in Malaysia. From first having the education in Malaysia to be from English majored to Malay language majored. Maybe the government is thinking of empowering the usage of Malay language into the lives of people. Yes this is Malaysia and the Malay language is the mother tongue in Malaysia. China uses their mother tongue even in a foreign country to do business, English on the other hand has been made the primary international language in exchanging business and communication. But what about the Malay language in Malaysia? What is the benefiting of empowering Malay language when you cant even use them in a foreign country? You would still have to go back to using English don't you?
So my question is, which language is more powerful in the world of doing business? If you are thinking that, "Hey, empower the usage of Malay language, and later strengthen the knowledge of English language!" Please, do not make me laugh. Where is the value of the Malay language? It has been a trend ever since the British came into Malaysia that Malaysians are mixing up Malay and English language in a single sentence! You can calculate the statistics yourself, do a bit of research and all. Maybe you can make an appeal to the big boss, but they are just going to send your appeal to their own toilet..

Base on what was in the news, read: Respect decision on language policy in education, they are deciding on changing the language of Science and Math from English to Malay. Here is the question, how many students would ever go out from Malaysia with only the knowledge of Science and Math in Malay? Answer: less than 5, and that is if they are so hard working enough to learn on their own.

Changing the structure of education just for the pride of Malaysian, empowering the Malay language, it is just so wrong. What makes the Malay language so special when the fact that this language is borrowed from other origin of words. Like for example, words from Persian and Arabic... Where are to teach in English, there is the whole meaning of success in business. Just think for your self. Especially you as a student. What do you want for your own education? To be proud of Malaysia, or to be success in your own future and not be begging at the side of the streets?

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