Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Acid Splasher(s) : How Government Handle?

Since the first reported news on the Acid Splasher case up till today, there were about 33 cases of acid splasher. Some rumored that most of the cases was done by the same man, others said that there might even be more than one man spreading the terror. But a case came up that the news reporter named it as "The price of Jealousy".

After five months of living in fear
of being on of the acid splasher's victim, we are all still living inside of our houses, driving in cars with locked doors and windows sealed and shut from the outside world. Now in the latest news, government are finally planing, planing to make a new regulations to all suppliers of all acidic, that the suppliers were to inquire documents from their customers. Not to brag, I did talk about this previously. But if the government could walk for this long only to take such a simple precautions, who would even trust that the government are men of their words? After 33 cases this year, waiting after five months only to came out with an unpromising solution? This doesn't prove anything. This is Malaysia we are talking about, everyone has the same mindset about the government words, especially when the government is not in their victim's shoe.

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Now, people with grudge are following what this acid splasher has done countless of times, splashing acid onto their victims. They had been motivated by this man-in-the-helmet acid splasher. Because of what he had done and still, STILL, on the run.

In my point of view, people who does that are not human at all. They are the type of beast that runs away when the going gets though, they are the one that hides in the cave and wait till the coast is clear. They are the ones that brings the challenge to kids, women and weaklings, and not brave enough to face real compatition.

In truth, you cant even call them a man but rather they are only chickens. They are weaker than those victims that have survive and are still fight for their right to live.

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