Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Religions Should Not Be The Reason of War

Firstly before I say anything that might bring misunderstanding, and any rudeness, do please pardon me. I do not mean to bring harm or any accusations or jokes. But this is a series matter base on world observation between the three main religion in Malaysia, Islam, Hinduism, and also Buddhism.

Through my further observation of human reaction, the most primitive human instinct is "to protect". In this case, going into the matter of religion
, it has been for decades that we, our forefathers, even our ancestors fight for what they believe was right, fight for their own freedom, and the most basic instinct to survival from extinction. But lately, the things that we see in news, wars... wars... and more wars. Sorry, it was not just lately, but more like FOREVER! And for what? Just cause someone says the other party is a fake? Why waste time on making war just for the sake of religion, or the sake of expending territory, or just for the soul pleasure of little boys to see who has the biggest and strongest army? Why fight when in the country itself there are sickness, poverty, innocent children left in the streets to the coldness and cruelty of hunger? Why create another problem when you haven't even solves the problem in your own country?

People say that the world will end when every country is at war. I say differently. I say that the world will end with everyone killing everyone. Starting from the war within its country. People going at each other throats. This will never end. It will only be worst if everyone stays blind.

The thing has always been easy for the Muslims to have war. Just talk wrongly a little bit about their holy book and they will shout war. I sorry, but its a fact. It does not apply to all Muslims, but mostly and mainly the hard core Muslims. Because they, like every normal human, have something to protect. For Hinduism, it okay, because Buddhism was originally from Nepal. If someone says wrong about them, they would correct them and have a discussion. But what makes the Muslims the way they are? is it the scriptures written in their holy book? Or was it because of their script social law of Hudud system?

I believe there is a recent for everything. No one is good, no one is bad. It is just the mindset of the society, mindset of individuals.

You know, somethings people do things without thinking, but honestly, not much people would bother to persuade Muslims to change their fate. Why? Because people just don't bother.

This is the latest news in Malaysia, concerning on Jais raiding Church on the suspission of Muslims involved in dinner on Aug 3th,

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