Friday, 26 August 2011

Anwar's Recent Trial Case of Sodomy

I do not like the point of politics and governments, even though they have to authority to rule the country like as if they were the ones who make the country.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Undeceive apple

There used to be a girl of aged 21. Some people say that she might be older base on who she looks and dresses each day. Yet some might say that she is a child base on how she would behave. This girl used to have a boyfriend that cares for her. All he would ever do was to make sure that she was alright and happy. With such a heart, even her parents would grow upon him. But then the power of doubt brakes them apart. She thought that he had deceive her and play her for a fool. As for him, who pretends to not know that she was always at the house of another man. And now, they are far apart, but only staying next door from each other.

The Copycaters

A splasher of acid started last year in Malaysia, suspected to be the doing of one single man, or a couple of man that does it at different time, at different places, making it look like as though it was done by one single man.

Up till 23th of August 2011, there seems to be more than just one acid splasher. Each of them do have motifs behind their doing, though their action was of the same kind, yet very different reasons from the original acid splasher.

Is there no other way of taking revenge than to show that the acid splasher has return again?

Acid victim’s friend was jealous, say police