Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Future of Malaysia... Crushed!!!

Sometimes I wonder in darkness of the truth behind the success of Malaysia, an independent country that continues to penetrate foreign minds, views towards Malaysia. Is it because of the good economic that whilst others were having economic crisis, Malaysia tries to stable itself? May be its the politics and governments that keeps robbing the pockets of Malaysian... Or maybe its the Malaysian Law? Maybe its the goodness of people that has two sided face?

My conclusion draws out to only one remaining thing. The one thing that the survival of the human race depends on: the future generation.

A country is not just a country that is made by its own. Nor was it a country based on the founding of it. Nor will it ever be cause of the constitution, nor the laws. It is not the language that made the country, nor the mineral sources that is found in those areas. It is not based on individuality, nor culture and most definitely not religion.

But rather, the willingness to co-exist.

So, back to my question. What is the one thing that makes a country successful?
Answer: The people.

But what do people have to do with the country? Its everything. A country is formed by people who wants to have a place to called home. A place that they can shout out that they were born there. A place where they could always return to, where their love ones are, and also a place for them to protect. A country will not be a country without people, yet people could not bring wealth to the country without knowledge. And to get knowledge, education must come it.

Yes. The answer to making a country successful is education!

Education in Malaysia has been changing throughout the years. It is as though one changes education like changing their clothes. In the 1960s, the education during those times were more worthy than to what the educations are not like. Maybe it is because of the influence of the British Colonies that was in Malaysia before Malaysia had their independency. The British was what made education to Malayan possible. Everything was thought in English and it covers many fields and many information about other places and other countries. Science, Maths, Language, History, Geography and many more. But ever since the independency of Malaysia, the structure of education changed. Not once, but multiple times.

As to what I have found out, the education system of Malaysia has been changing for 3 generations now. What sadness to see the future of Malaysia going through the mental-ness of the Ministry of Education! The British had establish an English based education for Malaysia. After the independency of Malaysia, education changed from English to Malay and lasted till the end of 2002, which then changes back to English from Malay. And as of the latest news, the prime minister of Malaysia, PM Najib wants to change back from English to Malay. The thing about education is that we only learn about Malaysia. Very thing there is to know about Malaysia. What about other countries? Not learning anything about other countries makes us a total laughing storks. The other problem about the education, for the History, why are we learning about the history of Islam? This is a country were there is not only one religion nor just one race. Malaysia is made up of Chinese, Malay and Indians. Is you want to put syllabus like history of Islam, then why not put together the Indians and the Chinese?

I guess you must be wondering just what the hell is going on here. Well, this is how things works in and around Malaysia. The higher authorities changes the educational system only so that it is being suited to the needs of the students. Which means, only changing it to motivate students to want to learn and attend school. But not for the sake of knowledge. They says that, as long as the kids goes to school, there will not be any trouble. We are their guardians, and we know best.

I say, bull shit! The older generations have very few good years left ahead of themselves. Give some chance to the younger generations, let them learn, provide the good education that their parents are paying for, they still have like 70 years more to go. By the time the old generations end up 6ft underground, who else is going to manage the country? Who else would have to make the better decisions for the future of Malaysia?

Though Malaysia is a good economical country with peace and no natural disaster, but truthfully, Malaysia is the most selfish place, the most badly managed, the most racistic country, with people who steals for other people's pocket and smiles in front of them.

You might not agree with me of my points, but sooner or later, you will have to open your eyes if you want to survive.

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