Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Give A Badge To The Public!

If politics is of no help, ordinary 
Malaysians have often shown that
they can come forward to held each other.
Read:Community becomes close-knit to fight crime in the residential area

    Everything was made known to have their own function of existing in the system. Teachers to educate the younger generations, doctors to help cure sickness and deal with wounds, firefighters with their hosts and water flashing at the end of the host, extinguishing fires and saving trapped residence, governments to govern the people and lead the country into success and police officers keeping the country and people safe from harm and keeping justice at bay.
But base on the increases of crimes in the Malaysia, the function of police officers are now just an invisible wall that stands between crime makers and crime victims.

The publics have always been harsh on the police force for their lack of responsibility in being under the uniform. In recent months, the crime index has been raising off the carts. The papers are publishing ways of avoiding being a crime victim, from survival skills for victims to martial arts for self defense. Television channels have even put in the efforts of awareness to avoid being crime victims. The publics are asking "Where are those people with shining badges?" It seems that there are many questions about the police task force and their responsibility to maintain the safety of the public.

Lately, I have been going around the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Since there were more news about shoppers being victimize while on their way to their car. The government have started placing patrolling team at car park basement, putting more security cameras and even patrol dogs. But how long will this last until things goes back to its normal routine of "closing an eye". There are even reports that police would not put in the extra efforts for catching snatch theft because they had more "pressing matters at hand". The point is not whether they manage to capture the crime doers, but it is about their attitude in the job. So where is the trust of the public that they have placed on the uniformed bodies? This question goes all out to not only the police force, but also to those that are "PAID" to serve the public's interest.

In today's paper, you could find that the Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein asking Malaysians "to be more inclusive in combating crimes and not leave responsibility solely on the shoulders of the police and other government agencies".
My question: If they are not responsible in the public's safety, then why are they in uniforms with the authority to charge and question and search any individual? Are the public suppose to just do half of the work of finding the criminals and throw them into the police hands? Are the public being paid as of what the police are being paid? Though there is no doubt that the public does not mind taking things into their own hands and handing criminals to the police, because they are protecting the people they love. But for police force or any other that the public place their trust on, it is a national crime to not "do anything".

Here is a hint why police force are losing half of their face. They have vanished from the eyes of public, and instead comes the group of residential people walking around housing area with a torch and sticks looking for any suspicious people. They have also leave bad impressions in the publics eyes and ears base on how they had respond to the people's need. Not only do they not do anything about crime happening in front of them, some could even tell to the victim that the police could not do anything. These leave the question of what are police for when they could not do anything?

Because of such reactions, the rates of crime was told to had decline few months back. But that was not the case, rather it was the total opposite. Crime has been escalating beyond the atmosphere of our earth and yet we see a rather "poor" crime records in the police department. The recent lies between the police force and the public. Crime victims avoid entering the steps of the police station because they believe that the police "could not do anything" with their case. This is how majority of the public feels. All they could do was to report that they have been robbed, Identification card stolen, and that is it. They could not give anything much, of how their suspects look like and could not provide any witness or proof, because the people that was around them during those crucial times were to afraid to put their life and their family life on the line. Fearing that if the suspects knows that their victims were being help, the witnesses might be the next suspect. This is also why there are so many videos on the internet of people neglecting victims who require major help and yet were ignored. Many people blame on those that does not give help. And yet does not calculate the reason of why the public does not want to get involve.

The point being that we could not point fingers on anyone. Whether it is with the police, or the public, or the ignorance of the public to help, everyone is in need to blame and be blamed. For a better security, people needs to work together and have a better understanding each other and the department of public safety. But one does not happen for no reason. Things need to be change, and the first things that is to change is the attitude of the police force given to the public, that had previously made the public lose their interest in relying on the authority.

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