Saturday, 1 September 2012

Light Sentencing A New Thing For Statutory Rape!

Recently, there are follow-ups reports on the light sentencing for two statutory rape cases in Malaysia which involve two victims aged 12 and 13 year old girls. A former national youth squad bowler, Noor Afizal Azizan and electrician Chuah Guan Jin both received a custodial sentence of five and three years on a RM 25,000 good behavior bond. Read: Court releases written judgment on bowler's rape case decision

While both rapist enjoys the luxury of not being sentence to jail, the public are at a mission to dig out reasons of why both judge for both statutory rape cases gave out a light sentencing with the statement that both rapist will have "a bight future ahead".  If something doesn't smell fishy here, it certainly have got rotten. 
Base on the Malaysian Law, in Section 375(g) of the Panel Code, that a man has committed statutory rape if he has sexual intercourse with a girl under sixteen years of age, with or without her consent. Base on the panel code, the punishment for rape itself is punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend up to twenty years, and shall also be liable to whipping. 

While public and parents where unhappy with the sentence given out, holding press conference and meeting with the authorities for explanation, rumors have it that there is a possibility that there might be a change of age for the victims of statutory rape. This thus gives smiles out to all those sex perpetrators and create more fears into the public, the society and the individual families in Malaysia. What would, what might and what could happen to any father's daughter to be illegally violated by these sex perpetrators have had already been happening for a long time. Now, in August 2012, with the decision of both judges, Malaysians did not witness the improvement for their own safety, and for the safety of those easily violated, to be forgotten and have their right to be protected for their own safety to be taken away by the higher authority.

What could have made this judges think that such light sentencing could be a good thing for the country when there are already thousands of reports on rape cases, teenagers that had barely left primary schools to be pregnant by rapist, to give birth in school toilets and to have unwanted babies being found dead on the streets or stuffed in some girl's school bag? One does not solve a major problem by letting preventable measures unattained. 

Sexual intercourse is not something to be taken lightly as buying cigarette or drinking alcohol. It is something that includes intimacy of two being. Especially if the teenage girls were virgin, and to have their virginity taken from them can only happen once in their life time. Though they might have given their consent to having sexual intercourse with their partners or say that they know what sexual intercourse is, no parents would want to see their child "popping the cherry" with guys other than their own husband. 

If the Malaysian authority goes along with lowering the age for teens said to be mature enough to give consent intimate relationship, then something is seriously wrong with the mindset of the Malaysian government. The Malaysian government should always put their people, their country on their main priority, starting with the younger generation's safety. Or Malaysia would just be another red light districts of teenage prostitution.

Here is a question in mind: will the two and up-coming rapist be marrying to all those they have raped and to love and cherish them till death do they part? Or are they just going on good behavior mood and find a more suitable mates while their victims sits at home, unclear of what truly means to be "rape" and forgotten by those that had "popped" their cherry?

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