Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cared by one, Wanted by none.

HEART TO GIVE: A netizen donates his lose change to a bagger in 
front of Farenheit88 shopping complex, Kuala Lumpur - Scartyscarf.
It has always been the culture of seeing and ignoring amongst the people on the street. Fear of being cheated for their kind deeds, for their lives and their love ones, not knowing if such people does really need help or just pretending for some angel to be the next victim, of rape, and rob, and disappearance from the face of the earth. 

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, one of the most popular city amongst tourism and having Bukit Bintang, the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It has been known countless of times the brand heaven Kuala Lumpur gives, but it has also been ignore million times of the people living in the streets. Some only took shelter on the streets to cut cost of paying house rentals, while others roam the streets with nothing more than a set of clothing, some, worst than what the newspaper prints, have nothing more than a piece of pants to cover their private parts while bagging for a meal to fill.

Malaysia, a peaceful country without war conflicts with other country, a place without major naturally caused disasters, a country with great economic growth. Having its government managing the economic and increasing the value of Malaysian currency while neighbouring countries are faced with economic downfall. Malaysia, population, 29 million by the end of July 2011-Malaysia Demograph.

Malaysia is a well of country, with plenty of food supply, many job vacancy, so why the camping and begging on the streets? An article I have came across - Homeless in KL taken from, has a very interesting observation about homeless people and why they have taken the streets at night. They had done interview with some of the homeless found in Kuala Lumpur. One quoted saying "All we need is sincere attention. We desperate to have a rood over our heads, have decent and regular jobs and not be stigmatized by society."

Most of these homeless are regular people from all walks of life, that had families, parents who love them, society who cared for them. But everything changes for them because of a little mistake they might had made in their life made them an unwelcoming member of their own home. Some because of family disagreements, creates a motivation for them to move out just to state their point that they can be well off without family support. There are also some that had became an extra luggage that they got thrown out from their home and became unacknowledged by they family members.

There are many NGOs seeking to help such members of the society, providing relief centre for these people to wash themselves, providing food and medicine for those that needs them, or too ill to support themselves. There is even a group that seeks those beggers staying on the street to secure them in a safe home to be taken care of - Eradicating beggars. Some had even made the expression that it is better not to help, for helping them would make Malaysian much more lazy to be independent since everything they need to survive is taken care of by such relief centre. But they are just everywhere! Their numbers are expending on the streets! Why?

Here is the answer: Society's mindset!

To prove, read article: Old folks home's application to remain in current premises thrown out

There are many things happening in Malaysia, both good, and bad, for the society and the country. But whenever people stand up to do what is right for the people and the country, some just had to create problems just because they are not living comfortably after having so much within their reach compare to their brothers and sisters who had to live with nothing, not even their family members, but a caretaker, a total stranger that does not even know of their past standing beside them whenever they need help. Where is the government's full support in helping the needy? Where is the society's participation in making a better place for their younger generation to live in? Is Malaysia going to be the next hopeless place to live in?

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