Saturday, 22 June 2013

'Red Bean Army' or smash peas, your choice.

Earlier yesterday, there were talks about initiating a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) as a third party to dig up the true insight of the so called 'Red Bean Army' that has apparently been spreading race-related acrimony in the internet. Read Article - Call for RCI into ‘Red Bean Army’

It seems that every report made on the army has traced back to one particular Malaysian political party, the Democratic Action Party, best known as DAP.
There is already a body that looks after the rights and wrongs in the cyber-world, namely MCMC, the Malaysian Communication Multimedia Commission that was established on 1st November 1998, but maybe they believe however that such body does not have the brains to look into the matter of such racial destruction created Online.

Red bean army or pea pod army, a person should have the will to control their own actions and reactions, to self govern their feelings produced by what they have seen, or read.

By now we know that these bunch of red ants are just out to create havoc, telling tales about other people without facts, photoshoping bits in and pieces out, but where is the hard core evidence? It is just like having a guy who pretends to be your boyfriend, and the next thing you know, his posting up pictures of you sleeping in your undergarments.

So what? It is not like those pictures posted anything that shows you are taking drugs or in the mids of 'doing it', or being high in sky, or anything that may question your wrong doing in society. What is wrong with sleeping? And everyone knows by now the advancement of Photoshop and how it has played a crucial part in our life to earn a little living as well as to end a life.

I wonder why Malaysians, or people in general easily gets influenced by the things that are posted in the cyberspace, or the newspapers or even the hear say of another.

Does the Malaysians solely live their life to the fullest in gathering and creating vase rumours that could ultimately end a person's life?

Where is the value of moralization that Malaysian's out to possess? Or maybe they have none? Or maybe it has been erase from their genetic makeup since the evolution of the electrical reality?

After a long 55 years of Malaysian Independence you might think that they have came out from their children's clothing and stop pointing fingers saying "Mommy, he took my pencil!" when the pencil is in his own hand.

Ever heard of the story where by a dog darks at his own image in the river all day long and end up starving?

If you truly care about the racial harmony of Malaysia, then take care of the ones you can handle first and not just go after the big boys just because you want their toys!

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