Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dying Malays

I used to have so much respect for the Malays. Their religion are highly tight, strick and consistent. But now, I just have no good words that I can put in.

The thing about most Malays in Malaysia, is that they think they rule the world, walking down the streets all high and mighty. I don't say that all of the Malays population are like that. I am only speaking about three quarters over four of the whole entire Malaysia, this being not included those oversea. 

They walk in the streets, the look at people as though people have done wrong to them. Some of them to what I have witness myself, even drinks in the middle of the night where lesser cars passes by. At first when I saw this, I thought that they might be Chinese or Indians, but never have I thought that it would be Malays. If they didn't say a word and keep their mouth shut during the time that I was there, I would still think that they aren't Malays. 

Dr. M is right by what he says. The Malay's pure culture is dying. Now we could even find Malay porns up in the web. Talk about their stick religion. The thing about Malays is that they hold their nose too high with pride, and yet they would do something that goes against their holy believes and religion. And when you say something that even they know its true, you would get a black eye for it. 

Their pureness are dying, who would help save them from themselves? If only they would tilt down their nose and face what is in front of them rather than running away. 

This is fact, you can go out and see for yourself. They drink in the middle of the night, make porn videos and post them, they would have piercings all over the face no matter if its boy or girls. They wear like those Japanese in Gothic black with black polished nails, punky hairstyle.

I don't have a problem with them being like that. But why do that and yet protect something that even they themselves are going against it?

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