Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Starting Internship

Have you ever face the problem of having to go look for company to do your internship and they turn you down because of your pass seniors that had work there with a bad attitude, making all the students in your university harder to be accepted?

I dont know about other university, but from what i hear about Limkokwing University, it is like that. You enter the university, thinking so highly about your own university, studying well, not missing any class, but when you want to apply for internship in any company, they just got to hear which university you come from, and they will just give you a start-forward answer "No, we dont want Limkokwing students, they had a bad attitude". I mean WTH... Although the seniors may be like that, but it doesnt mean that all the students are like that, sometimes you just have to give them chances... How would the young generations going to learn if this keeps going on? Seriously!

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