Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More Like A Maid

I don't know about you, but most people feels the way I feel too when it comes to living with people who is not your family members.

I personally have been washing dishes and sweeping the floor ever since I could remember, and normally I never ask anyone to do it unless when it comes to trashes. I am a night worker, day time i may not be doing anything but just sitting in front of my PC, but at night even the owl could see me doing night spring cleaning.
I am a normal human. Not a robot. And I admit that I am very emotional and sensitive person. So I get tired and start ordering people around to do some cleaning once in a while. That too they have to push the job to the other person with the statement "I didn't do it", or "It's not me, it must be the other guy" or "I usually eat outside, so that's not mine" and etc... the list goes on. And those statements not only comes from one person. But rather from ALL the housemates. 

Do you see how irritating it gets? When and after the much work that I have done while they are all nicely in their bed, and yet they whine about getting their hands dirty, or that they are tired...In the end, the person who goes on doing all the cleaning is me, yet I haven't had the chance of complaining to anyone about anything... AND I AM NOT A BLOODY MAID, FOR GOODNESS SAKE... WTF... Even though I always wash my own dishes that I used, I also have to wash someone's else who is not my husband, not my brother/sister, and not even my family. If this goes on, they would have to pay me!

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