Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Limkokwing Student Project

If your a student, or maybe you want to be a student in any University, just make sure that the university you are applying for is not a jack ass like Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

The word "Creative" and "Technology" is only apply in the form of term, use to show others about the university that always success in deceiving people. But once you enter as a student into the Limkokwing University network, you will understand that those two terms does not apply anywhere near your project. Even though your idea is unique and has lots of creative elements, the lecturers and the staff under Limkokwing will be not where near you to support you. Yet they are always there to remind the students that their projects or assignments must be fresh and creative. But what the heck! Telling us that our projects have to be unique, one of a kind, fresh and creatively innovated, yet they are always backing away from students when students need their help to make the project a success.

What is the meaning of having an "Executive Producer"? Executive producers are suppose to give in money for the project, right? So what is the point of having an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER when he/she does not put in money for this project, and not even to help students with the project location? WTF man! Though they will say that this is a students project, YES it is a student's project. AGAIN STUDENTS! Where are the STUDENTS suppose to find 1K RINGGIT MALAYSIA if we are students??? If you were to say that we could ask our parents, then why not we just put OUR PARENT'S NAME AS EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS rather than putting lecturers who are suppose to help us but did not help us. In Malay Language, its call "cakap saja, tapi tak buat"!

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