Wednesday, 11 May 2011

10,257 In Cash For Nothing

I paid 10,257 per semester. There is a total of 3 years for degree course and 1 year of studying under foundation. Total for students like me would be 4 years of paying fees. Per year, there is a total of 2 semester. So a total of 4 years would make up to 8 semesters, which also means that I, a student from an average income family have to pay 10,257 for 8 times. How much total to take a degree in Limkokwing University you ask? 82,056 in cash just to talk a degree course after finishing secondary school.

So, what do I learn after paying 82,056 cash? I learn many reasons of NOT studying in Limkokwing University. This university is not only a money stealer, but also a lier. The greatest lier known in history of education.

Here is what happens behind the walls of advertisements in this University.

1. You think that it is alright to hand in one of your most amazing work, to be submitted for class assignments. But your wrong to think that they would not do anything to it. It is naive to think that they will not steal your idea and present it as their own.

2. May people think that there is no hidden fees for this University. But SORRY, THERE ARE LOTS! The car park fees, every time you enter the parking lot you have to pay either $1 or $2. If you were to lost your own student ID or library card, for them to do it again for you would be around $10. And do you know, that the price of students paying per subjects are not worthy for some of the subjects as the lecturers themselves are not knowledgable in that field? Think about it, if there is a subject called Creative Industry Writing, what would first come to your mind? Writing up some creative stuffs right? But here, you are told to perform some crappy play just to get a 20% mark just to pass that subject. But what do we learn in these class? To write some story and act like William Shakespeare? Hamlet anyone???

3. We paid 500 in cash for resource. But as a student. That kind of price just for resource alone is just way too much. We could only print up to 10 pages a day for each students using a cashless card. So what if a student has no cash and needed to print 50 pages for their report? And the lecturer will say, "Its not my problem".

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