Saturday, 21 May 2011

Acid Splasher Celeb

News have been going around, through the citizen's mouth, through mobile messaging, even though the social network of a new antagonist celeb who goes around uncapping bottles and slashing on women and children.

When it comes to the gossip of this new celeb, the only thing that we all hear is "What is the police doing about it".

Don't get me wrong here. I am not against the police nor any higher authority and I am not putting any negative points on them. But I would really respect the police if they manage to capture this new psycho in town. 

Point of having police, policemen, police HQ is that the town, the citizen are kept safe from such person like this psycho who is still free out there. But the latest news in the media is that even the citizens are helping the police to catch the psycho. It's a good thing, helping out.

But the police, who have certain rights too, and contacts should start using their on wits to figure out how to capture this guy, not just go around the block and see if there is anyone suspicious or not. That would not help.

First of all, one could ask where the psycho gets his acid? Did he guy it or did he make it himself? And if he buy it, from where? Maybe all suppliers of acid should register their buyers and report to police to investigate. And why do you think that he has a certain target? Is all his target a woman, a child or is there also man being the victim? Why does he do those thing? People don't just go wasting money buy acid and later splash at any individual for no reason.

Current news, victims of acid splasher has increased to 23, but if it still rising, its better to get help from else where to. Maybe they would know how to capture this freak. 

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