Saturday, 23 July 2011

News today in Malaysia

What is up with the news this days? Is it just me or its getting way out of control? Not just pointing fingers at media, but what the hell is society doing??

I mean, if you were to follow the newspapers daily, you would notice it too. Robbers become rapers just cause they cant get more than what they plan for, and children not going home cause the mother abuses them? And just as you want to know more of what the hell is going on and weither the authorities are doing anything to investigate the case further, you would see dissapointment below where another news that is not even relevent to the headline is there. As though it has no importance of its own that it have to go under certain headline.

It is as if they want to tell the people about something that they are not allow to tell, so they sneak it inside anyway, but its damn way too obvious to even think of doing that. And where is the joy of reading a certain event that took place?? Where is the climaz that is suppose to make the reader feel something and want to help?

There is nothing, no feedback except the fact that the readers know its not a suitable format of writing news.

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