Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ramadan in Malaysia 2011

There are a big differences between being force to believe and the dedication to faith.

What is happening in Malaysia right now, can be known as a big change that will bring a fall down to Malaysia. Malaysia will not rise up if it continues this way down the road.

I guess everyone already know of what is going on in Malaysia especially now that Ramadan is nearing.

We all know that during this Ramadan month, Muslims have to fast and all that. But authorities cant blame the people for selling them food, or for letting them entering an entertainment site.
I mean, even though if they are band from having and entertainment at all, they can still have some entertainment back at home with their laptops and electronics. But that does not give authorities to raid their homes as well.

The true fasting which I believe can be found in any, and I say again "ANY" religious books is that when it comes to devoting one self to God, it has to be truely from the heart and not because they are force to do it. If its force, its like your giving your body willingly to the raper just because you want to safe your family.

So my point being, if one were to force the others into doing something for God, where is the faith? God only take into account if the doing is really from the heart. If you dont believe me, go read any bible or any religious books and find the part that says of doing things for God. Like fasting. And believe me, Muslims are not the only people that does fasting. Even Buddhist do to, just that they do it in a more private way that is just between him and God.

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