Saturday, 18 June 2011

Brains Over Penis Or Penis Over Brains

According some mythical book or someone's speech, women was and still are being labled as a demon who temp men into sexual deviant, occupying them from doing their duty to support their family of food, clothes and safety.

Maybe that saying is true, looking at the fact that men are the most easily temped person on the whole entire planet. Even though they show themselves as high morally uphold person, but deep down inside of their belly lies the true demons. Come on. See the statistic here people. If women where to be blame for them temping the men of sexual desire, so why does the women get rape more often then the men being rape by women?? And some even have men raping men.

The whole point here is that it is not about the other view of the body that makes a person goes as high as heaven. It is the whole point of the expression while at the midst of doing something sexual that creates the most erosement.

So if the men wants to do it, he do it. Weither or not it was first cause by a woman. So why does everyone pointing finger at the society of women? If one would say that it is becuase they dress up to sexy, then why in the world is there raping case in places like the Arab countries? Where all the women has to where a piece of black long clothing to cover their entire body. Yet they still got rape. So, the question is, does the outer appearence of a woman has any effect to the man phycological instinct to rape?

So that is one point of penis rulling over the brains of men.

The other thing that I want to point out is that, if a woman have to sacrifice everything for their men, when what else is there that makes her a human if she too have to sacrifice her own feelings and behaviour of what makes her "her" (as in her own identity differ from everyone else). Why does the men gets the plasure of putting every fault that they make and put it on their women, or other women that helps the downfall of men?

Base on an article in the Staronline website, it stated that women are being blame by getting rape, molested and abondening babies and so on. But the truth is, it hurts more to the women to be blame for their own husband's mistake. I mean, in a marriage, it takes two to make it all works. Why do you think it all lasted to the very end of a happy ever after? Do you think that if the woman sacrifice anything, she would still be happy? In what sense do you think that she won't do anything after that? It also says that sex is the most important element in a marriage. If sex is so important, then why get married in the face place? Marriage is not just about getting to have sex, or getting to be laid of with a lady who has two boobs and a virgina.

So if marriage is all about sex, then a person should divorce the other just because they have no mood for one? Just think about it for a while. Please!

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